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Woot! [27 Aug 2005|12:08pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

So I think it would be great if we could get all of the active players together in a chat on AIM sometime this week... Lotte and Miko, I know you're both busy moving, and Kaela is busy moving back to college herself, so if you guys could all just comment here and let me know what nights this week might be good for you, that would be great. I think once we have a chat and everyone knows where we're at, we can pick up again and get this sucker rolling. ^_^

Also, I will be doing a post on posting etiquette sometime soon... not that anyone really needs it, but with all the new comment threads started in the group thread we have going, it's quickly getting hard to read. So I will put something up soon, for reference. Or something. Yeeeaaah.

-- Chris <3

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Vacation [12 Aug 2005|04:29pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

I forgot to post ahead of time about my vacation with the result that there was no warning (apologies) but it is now over (yay). But at least I have gone and posted! Just thought I'd say so since it's been so long (sorry again) and this way you won't miss it. Time to get those three on the road!

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Leave of Absence [16 Jul 2005|02:44pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hey all,

I'm heading out on vacation in the morning, so I'll be gone from now until the 24th. See you all when I get back! <3

-- Chris

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Sorry [12 Jul 2005|12:44pm]


I have to inform you: My summer holidays are starting in two days... that means no net for me... but I should still be able to post at least once a week.

So am I in? And got special plans for me?
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Casting. [23 Jun 2005|09:08am]

[ mood | tired ]

We are once again short one Kurando. Anyone here interested in picking up the part before I start advertising?

Also since we have not heard from Anastasia since... a very very long time ago, I will be opening up that role as well. At this point I don't care if we keep the game small and just have everyone with a few different characters, that seems like it might work best with this cast and format anyway. We'll see how things work out.

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Peachy! [18 May 2005|01:36pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Heeeeyy!! Peach Bat's profile finally came out on the official site! (Aww, and here I thought she would assuredly wear pink) But since I really love her character design, even if it's not quite what I expected, maybe I should try to work what tiny, tiny bit of what I can figure out into her personality. Of course, her name can still be Elissa. Then we'll just suspend our disbelief concerning my made up Peach Bat and Hildegard. ^_^

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It's that time again... [17 May 2005|11:42pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

That's right, kids. Mod-post time.

We've been having a kind of slump as far as activity goes lately. I don't mean people being slow -- because that's perfectly fine! There are a few players who are posting consistently, but we're all very busy (myself included) so we've been posting at a slow but steady pace. That's fine. Excellent, even. We're headed in an interesting direction as far as the Valentines and then Karin and Nicolai go, so I'm really excited to see more of that once people have more time! ^_^

The problem is that we have some players that neither Kaela nor I have heard from in months. Not just post-wise, but we've not been able to contact them on AIM or via email or anything else. Saaye and Tanya, we haven't heard from either one of you in a long, long time. If you're still interested in playing, please respond to this post by Friday, May 20th. If you don't respond here by then, I'm going to have to put your characters up for adoption (except for originals, obviously). I don't want to be a mean mod, but if we want this game to live, we need to have activity. If one person lags too much, we all get dragged down and then get stuck as a result. That's not good. So please, if you two are going to play, let me know and then hop to it. :)

Kitty and JJ, you two are relatively safe. JJ, you just joined so you're fine for now, but we'd like to see a Yuri post or tag sometime in the next week or so. Kitty, I know you posted for Anastasia awhile ago and were just waiting for someone to tag you, but we haven't heard from you otherwise, so we'd also like to see another post or tag from you sometime in the very near future.

For those of you looking for something to do, a Gepetto post open to EVERYONE in Yokohama (except Karin and Nicolai) has just been put up in the community. Please go comment to it! We need to get all of the main characters in the same place.

That's it for now. Ciao, babies. XD

-- Chris <3

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Mod post time! [04 Mar 2005|10:50pm]

That's right, it's that time again! Actually, I believe this may be the first serious mod post the game has had so far, so in that case... ready yourselves. ^_^ Don't worry, it's nothing bad, I'm just stopping by to say a few things and make sure we're all on track.

First order of business -- a belated but still warm welcome to both Miko and Lotte, who are playing Keith and Elissa Valentine, respectively. I've read the posts you guys put up, and they look great! Keep it up. You two are doing some really nice work!Secondly, our real Yuri is almost ready to join us, which means things will be moving just a touch faster in the near future.

Since we've got a bunch of new players, I think it's time the folks in Yokohama started gravitating towards the same place, especially since Kurando seems to have some important news. Yuri and Kurando are currently talking at the Kawashima's residence, where the group has been staying. It would be nice if everyone else could join them! Blanca, Gepetto (which is also me temping), and Anastasia should all head over there very shortly. Lucia and Joachim can head back after they've finished their shopping, since they've both expressed some concern and want to talk to Yuri and the others anyway. The only person who will not be heading back soon is Karin, who is talking to Nicolai in the middle of the road near the park.

I think that's it for now! Lotte and Miko, if you two want to talk about finding something for Keith and Elissa to do until they meet up with Joachim and the others, I'm sure we can work something out! Tanya, I know you've been having trouble finding a place to jump in, so if you need to talk to me about getting some help with that, feel free to email me. ^_^

Other Notes: If you haven't posted your contact information in the OOC community yet, it is vital that you do so, so that Kaela and I can contact you. Please join the OOC community and post that if you haven't. Also, it's important that everyone keep an eye on the OOC community, so add it to your character's friends list at the very least and be sure to check back for updates. Lastly, if you have a canonical character and haven't posted or contacted Kaela or myself about your reason for not posting, you have until Friday, March 11th to post something... if you have an original character and haven't posted yet, we don't mind too much, but if you have a main character from the game and are not posting, it's not fair to the other players, since it holds up everyone's progress and is keeping a valuable character from participating in the storyline.

I think that's about it for tonight! Keep up the great work, everyone! You're all awesome, and totally rock my socks. ^_~

-- Chris <3
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[17 Feb 2005|11:41am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hi everyone! I've been accepted as Elissa Valentine, aka the Peach Bat. Miko and I just couldn't resist the temptation to play Keith and Elissa, especially after Joachim's cute post, which, incidentally, is also where I got the name, Elissa. I just hope I can do good by you all and I'm looking forward to rping with you!

Here's my info:
Name: Lotte
Email: lloettchen@yahoo.com
MSN: alice_heart_yuri@hotmail.com
Character: Elissa Valentine (lj: peach_bat)
LJ: loettchen

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Young Master Valentine [16 Feb 2005|10:20pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Here he is, the master of the castle himself. Just how is he going to fit himself into your interesting little lives? Well, I suppose you will have to wait until I get around to posting something with him. As the second vampire, and Valentine, on this RPG, I hope I can do well for you all. :[

Here's my contact info:

Name: Miko
E-mail: mikonoda@comcast.net
MSN: shadowyfate@hotmail.com
Character(s): Keith Valentine (bored_vampire)
LJ: mikonoda

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a question... ^^; [04 Feb 2005|11:25am]

[ mood | confused ]

I know I'm a total noob but... I noticed some post have ((open to *nameofthechara)) at the end of them. I'm very sorry but this is the frist time ever I play a LJ RP ^^; Anyway, I should put it on the ond of my post too, right..? But, uh, well, I have no idea of who's near to Florence (as accorded I'll start here..! ^^) XD; So should I just put "open to whoever is near" or something like that?
Really I'm sorry for the question, please forgive me XD; And If I shouldn't post it in there, sorry for this too >.

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Hi pepole <3 [28 Jan 2005|03:21pm]

Hi everyone, I'm a new player ^_^ Wha, I'm the frist one who makes an original chara, it's touching! XD You can look to my profile for all the infos ^^
I hope I'll be a good player, please forgive me for all the mistakes I may do, expecially with my english ^^ I promise I always check all my post to make them as good as possible ^^
Uh, so, those are my contact info!

Name: Tanya
AIM: N/A ^^;
</b>E-mail:</b> inugami.kurando@email.it but also nanami@mangaitalia.it
Yahoo!: N/A ^^;
MSN: nataku_shindou@hotmail.com
Character: Elena Menardi
</b>LJ:</b> realbooted
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Guidelines for creating an original character! [26 Jan 2005|01:30pm]

[ mood | cold ]

Since we have a new player coming onboard, I thought I should post this criteria up for everyone to see, so that anyone wishing to create an original character may do so without an unnecessary amount of trouble. I still want to fill up the canonical cast before we start accepting many originals, but I thought I would put this up while I was still thinking about it. ^_^

-- Chris <3

Criteria for Original Characters:
- The character's name must be origin-appropriate. For example, if the character is from Russia, they should not have a Japanese name, they should have a Russian name. Likewise, a character from France should have a French name.
- Vampires, dhampires, werewolves, etc. are allowed, but we don't want a surplus of these types of characters, and hope to keep the number of vampires and werewolves down to a minimum.
- A character imported from another game, anime, movie, or book does not constitute an original character and will not be allowed.
- Your character MAY have supernatural powers, but please be able to explain these powers as far as what they do and why your character has them.
- Despite having powers, your character may not be all-powerful. Flaws are what make all characters interesting, canonical or original. Noone is perfect, in real-life or in fiction, and perfect characters are boring.
- Think about where we will be meeting your character (Yokohama, Paris, wherever you like) and come up with a reason for them to be there. This will only add to the story!
- Backstory is good. We like backstory! However vague or detailed you want to make it is your choice, but please provide a brief backstory at the very least.
- Please include the following things in your character profile: Name, Age, Height, Weight, Eye Color, Hair Color, Weapon, Element, Country of Origin, Special Powers (if applicable), Brief History, Personality. This profile should later be pasted into your character's journal userinfo so that other players may reference it as needed.

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Quick note! [25 Jan 2005|11:09pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Just wanted to drop in and say that for the time being, Yuri will be played by me (or Kaela if she feels like taking a turn!) from the shcovenantnpc journal, until our real Yuri is able to join us. For the record, we do have a Yuri booked, but he is unable to play with us right now, so I will simply guide the character along as needed so that we aren't held up too badly.

On that note, expect to see a lot of the shcovenantnpc journal. Kaela and I both have access to it and will be using it to play characters, bosses, and other NPCs that don't have a home but are needed for plot. A good example: it is currently being used to portray Astaroth in the thread with Nicolai.

Also, Lucia and Kurando's player -- I need your email address again! I have your icons ready but can't find your address. Also, if you could post your contact info in here so that we can reach you whenever we need to, that would be great! ^_^ Thanks!

-- Chris <3

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*insert generic greeting here* [25 Jan 2005|07:05pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Name: Kaela
AIM: LokiRagunaroku
E-mail: potions.mixer@gmail.com
Yahoo!: apparentlydead
MSN: potions.mixer@gmail.com
Characters: Nicolai (loki_complex, Blanca (blanc_wolf
LJ: nogitsune It's friends only because I wanted to put up a pretty banner. *snerks* Friend me, and I'll friend you back.

Look! Look! I finally posted. I can take semi-subtle hints. *nodnod*

Anyway, I'm Kaela, and I'm the other mod here. Feel free to contact me for...well, anything. (Except maybe not for dancing lessons. Can't help ya there. =D)

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Note! [19 Jan 2005|06:54pm]

[ mood | cold ]

Just a note as people sign up -- once you're approved in both communities, please post here in the OOC community introducing yourself and posting some sort of contact information! ^_^ This way, if we mods or another player needs to contact you, we're able to without going on a mad hunt for AIM names and email addresses. Thanks!

(Psst, Kaela, you are not exempt. <3 :D)

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Intros! [14 Jan 2005|01:06am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

And since it's so important to know who you're playing with... for those of you who don't know me, I'm Chris, one of your resident moderators. I'll make this short! Below is my contact and character info. If you have any questions about the game or just want to say hi, feel free to contact me at any time! ^_^

Name: Christine (Chris)
AIM: Meretrixa
E-mail: greenvelvetfog@hotmail.com
Yahoo!: abstractseduction
MSN: greenvelvetfog@hotmail.com
Characters: Karin Koenig, Joachim Valentine
LJ: meretrixa

-- Chris <3

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Application. [14 Jan 2005|12:45am]

[ mood | excited ]

As promised, here's the application for new players. Please fill it out and send it to greenvelvetfog@hotmail.com with "Covenant RPG" or "SH:C" somewhere in the subject line. I'll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible! If you're looking for character ideas, take a peek at the shcovenantrpg userinfo. After all of the canon slots have been filled, I will consider allowing original characters, but for the moment I would like to fill out the canonical cast.

Your Name:
Character Desired:
Writing Sample: Just a paragraph or two will do. It can be first person, third person -- whatever you're most comfortable writing in. You don't have to write a new sample just for the application, you can copy and paste or link to older RP posts if it's easier. Just make sure the sample is of the character you're applying for.

-- Chris <3

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