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Guidelines for creating an original character!

Since we have a new player coming onboard, I thought I should post this criteria up for everyone to see, so that anyone wishing to create an original character may do so without an unnecessary amount of trouble. I still want to fill up the canonical cast before we start accepting many originals, but I thought I would put this up while I was still thinking about it. ^_^

-- Chris <3

Criteria for Original Characters:
- The character's name must be origin-appropriate. For example, if the character is from Russia, they should not have a Japanese name, they should have a Russian name. Likewise, a character from France should have a French name.
- Vampires, dhampires, werewolves, etc. are allowed, but we don't want a surplus of these types of characters, and hope to keep the number of vampires and werewolves down to a minimum.
- A character imported from another game, anime, movie, or book does not constitute an original character and will not be allowed.
- Your character MAY have supernatural powers, but please be able to explain these powers as far as what they do and why your character has them.
- Despite having powers, your character may not be all-powerful. Flaws are what make all characters interesting, canonical or original. Noone is perfect, in real-life or in fiction, and perfect characters are boring.
- Think about where we will be meeting your character (Yokohama, Paris, wherever you like) and come up with a reason for them to be there. This will only add to the story!
- Backstory is good. We like backstory! However vague or detailed you want to make it is your choice, but please provide a brief backstory at the very least.
- Please include the following things in your character profile: Name, Age, Height, Weight, Eye Color, Hair Color, Weapon, Element, Country of Origin, Special Powers (if applicable), Brief History, Personality. This profile should later be pasted into your character's journal userinfo so that other players may reference it as needed.
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