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As promised, here's the application for new players. Please fill it out and send it to greenvelvetfog@hotmail.com with "Covenant RPG" or "SH:C" somewhere in the subject line. I'll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible! If you're looking for character ideas, take a peek at the shcovenantrpg userinfo. After all of the canon slots have been filled, I will consider allowing original characters, but for the moment I would like to fill out the canonical cast.

Your Name:
Character Desired:
Writing Sample: Just a paragraph or two will do. It can be first person, third person -- whatever you're most comfortable writing in. You don't have to write a new sample just for the application, you can copy and paste or link to older RP posts if it's easier. Just make sure the sample is of the character you're applying for.

-- Chris <3
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