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So I think it would be great if we could get all of the active players together in a chat on AIM sometime this week... Lotte and Miko, I know you're both busy moving, and Kaela is busy moving back to college herself, so if you guys could all just comment here and let me know what nights this week might be good for you, that would be great. I think once we have a chat and everyone knows where we're at, we can pick up again and get this sucker rolling. ^_^

Also, I will be doing a post on posting etiquette sometime soon... not that anyone really needs it, but with all the new comment threads started in the group thread we have going, it's quickly getting hard to read. So I will put something up soon, for reference. Or something. Yeeeaaah.

-- Chris <3
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Ooh ooh! Soo... maybe Miko has said something to you about it, but our Comcast connection likes to make itself available from approximately 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm nowadays. It's been shutting off randomly for almost two weeks now and Comcast has yet to do anything besides ask us "So...I don't suppose it's started working yet?"

And then, I have a vacation to Hawaii from the 31st to Sep. 12th. *waits to be mauled* So, yes, I suck, although Miko has officially kicked my butt, so if you still need a Kurando, I will go make a journal for him now and post! Bottom line, I am home most of the time but I can't guarantee when the internet will work, so I will get on AIM right now and stay on as long as and whenever it lets me and hopefully we will run into each other.

I'm so sorry for all this crap! Believe me, I can't wait til things settle down. But I love BP, so I'll do whatever I can. <3
Yeah, Lotte speaks the truth about Comcast and its suckage. However, I have escaped its tyranny and am now all settled in. Of course, classes are starting so there's my next obstacle... I'm pretty sure that Thursday is the best evening since I have a morning class and then nothing else. Mondays and Tuesdays are the worst.

Until I actually start classes and clubs and stuff, that's about as much as I can offer.

Oh, and I can also speak for Lotte if she happens to be on vacation when this meeting happens.


August 28 2005, 23:22:19 UTC 11 years ago

I'm working on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. So I umst depart to bed early. But I have Teusday and Wednsday off. Oh yeah, Double D sucks.
Oops, that lost post was me. My bad!
Did you guys ever talk? We had tornadoes and power outages here, so I haven't been online much, but I should be starting now.