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Quick note!

Just wanted to drop in and say that for the time being, Yuri will be played by me (or Kaela if she feels like taking a turn!) from the shcovenantnpc journal, until our real Yuri is able to join us. For the record, we do have a Yuri booked, but he is unable to play with us right now, so I will simply guide the character along as needed so that we aren't held up too badly.

On that note, expect to see a lot of the shcovenantnpc journal. Kaela and I both have access to it and will be using it to play characters, bosses, and other NPCs that don't have a home but are needed for plot. A good example: it is currently being used to portray Astaroth in the thread with Nicolai.

Also, Lucia and Kurando's player -- I need your email address again! I have your icons ready but can't find your address. Also, if you could post your contact info in here so that we can reach you whenever we need to, that would be great! ^_^ Thanks!

-- Chris <3
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