Elena Menardi (elena_menardi) wrote in shcovenantooc,
Elena Menardi

Hi pepole <3

Hi everyone, I'm a new player ^_^ Wha, I'm the frist one who makes an original chara, it's touching! XD You can look to my profile for all the infos ^^
I hope I'll be a good player, please forgive me for all the mistakes I may do, expecially with my english ^^ I promise I always check all my post to make them as good as possible ^^
Uh, so, those are my contact info!

Name: Tanya
AIM: N/A ^^;
</b>E-mail:</b> inugami.kurando@email.it but also nanami@mangaitalia.it
Yahoo!: N/A ^^;
MSN: nataku_shindou@hotmail.com
Character: Elena Menardi
</b>LJ:</b> realbooted
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