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Mod post time!

That's right, it's that time again! Actually, I believe this may be the first serious mod post the game has had so far, so in that case... ready yourselves. ^_^ Don't worry, it's nothing bad, I'm just stopping by to say a few things and make sure we're all on track.

First order of business -- a belated but still warm welcome to both Miko and Lotte, who are playing Keith and Elissa Valentine, respectively. I've read the posts you guys put up, and they look great! Keep it up. You two are doing some really nice work!Secondly, our real Yuri is almost ready to join us, which means things will be moving just a touch faster in the near future.

Since we've got a bunch of new players, I think it's time the folks in Yokohama started gravitating towards the same place, especially since Kurando seems to have some important news. Yuri and Kurando are currently talking at the Kawashima's residence, where the group has been staying. It would be nice if everyone else could join them! Blanca, Gepetto (which is also me temping), and Anastasia should all head over there very shortly. Lucia and Joachim can head back after they've finished their shopping, since they've both expressed some concern and want to talk to Yuri and the others anyway. The only person who will not be heading back soon is Karin, who is talking to Nicolai in the middle of the road near the park.

I think that's it for now! Lotte and Miko, if you two want to talk about finding something for Keith and Elissa to do until they meet up with Joachim and the others, I'm sure we can work something out! Tanya, I know you've been having trouble finding a place to jump in, so if you need to talk to me about getting some help with that, feel free to email me. ^_^

Other Notes: If you haven't posted your contact information in the OOC community yet, it is vital that you do so, so that Kaela and I can contact you. Please join the OOC community and post that if you haven't. Also, it's important that everyone keep an eye on the OOC community, so add it to your character's friends list at the very least and be sure to check back for updates. Lastly, if you have a canonical character and haven't posted or contacted Kaela or myself about your reason for not posting, you have until Friday, March 11th to post something... if you have an original character and haven't posted yet, we don't mind too much, but if you have a main character from the game and are not posting, it's not fair to the other players, since it holds up everyone's progress and is keeping a valuable character from participating in the storyline.

I think that's about it for tonight! Keep up the great work, everyone! You're all awesome, and totally rock my socks. ^_~

-- Chris <3
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