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It's that time again...

That's right, kids. Mod-post time.

We've been having a kind of slump as far as activity goes lately. I don't mean people being slow -- because that's perfectly fine! There are a few players who are posting consistently, but we're all very busy (myself included) so we've been posting at a slow but steady pace. That's fine. Excellent, even. We're headed in an interesting direction as far as the Valentines and then Karin and Nicolai go, so I'm really excited to see more of that once people have more time! ^_^

The problem is that we have some players that neither Kaela nor I have heard from in months. Not just post-wise, but we've not been able to contact them on AIM or via email or anything else. Saaye and Tanya, we haven't heard from either one of you in a long, long time. If you're still interested in playing, please respond to this post by Friday, May 20th. If you don't respond here by then, I'm going to have to put your characters up for adoption (except for originals, obviously). I don't want to be a mean mod, but if we want this game to live, we need to have activity. If one person lags too much, we all get dragged down and then get stuck as a result. That's not good. So please, if you two are going to play, let me know and then hop to it. :)

Kitty and JJ, you two are relatively safe. JJ, you just joined so you're fine for now, but we'd like to see a Yuri post or tag sometime in the next week or so. Kitty, I know you posted for Anastasia awhile ago and were just waiting for someone to tag you, but we haven't heard from you otherwise, so we'd also like to see another post or tag from you sometime in the very near future.

For those of you looking for something to do, a Gepetto post open to EVERYONE in Yokohama (except Karin and Nicolai) has just been put up in the community. Please go comment to it! We need to get all of the main characters in the same place.

That's it for now. Ciao, babies. XD

-- Chris <3
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