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This is the out-of-character community for Broken Promises, a Shadow Hearts: Covenant RPG. All questions, concerns, and general out-of-character chatter should be posted here! Players, please make good use of this area to help yourselves out. ^_^


I. Please treat others the way that you would like to be treated. Be considerate and keep fights with other players outside of the game. If there is a problem between another player and yourself, feel free to come to us and we will mediate and help to sort things out.

II. The minimum posting requirement is once a week; however, if it can be managed, twice a week is preferred. This guarantees that the story keeps moving and that the game does not stall. We would like for this to be a high-volume game, but of course understand that real life just has this nasty habit of happening. If there's some reason you won't be able to post, please let us know! If you are inactive for an extended period of time, you will receive a warning. If you do not respond to the warning/become active, you will be replaced. Note: Comments do count as posts, as long as they're longer than just a few lines!

III. Please write all posts and comments in paragraph-form. It can be either first or third person, your choice. Past tense is preferable, but you should write however you feel most comfortable, since the aim of the game is to have fun.

IV. No moding/god-moding. I cannot stress this enough. Therefore, I will say it again. No moding/god-moding. Moding (also known as god-moding) is when a character is too powerful for their own good. Whether your character is good or evil, canonical or original, this will not be accepted. You are not to destroy powerful monsters in one blow, you are not to destroy whole cities with your awesome cosmic powers, or anything like that. You also may not do anything to or concerning anyone else's character without asking that character's player for permission first. You may not say that someone else's character has done something that they haven't in one of your posts, unless you have cleared it with the player first. You may not write dialogue for characters that are not your own. If there are any additional questions about what is and what isn't considered moding, please come to me (Christine) and I will do my best to answer.

V. All players are required to keep an eye on the out-of-character community, shcovenantooc.

To potential players -- please refer to the quick and easy application we've provided if you wish to join! If you are interested in creating an original character, please read the criteria for all original characters before submitting your profile.


Moderators/Contact Info

Mod: Christine
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Mod: Kaela
AIM: Loki Ragunaroku
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